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About Us

Bringing the joy of swimming to all!

For the last six years, swimwithleeanna has inspired a confidence and love for water in thousands of students on the east coast and beyond. Esteemed owner and founder Leeanna Rubin brings over twenty years of dedicated experience to successful clients of all ages and skill levels: leading with an emphasis on support, love, and a commitment to the immediate and surrounding communities of her home in Southport, Connecticut.

About Leeanna

Leeanna made waves at the early age of fifteen, where she became the only United States citizen to break the Ak-O-Mak Pre-Olympic open water swim record. Years of training with Olympics swim coach Dick Shoulberg and then Coach Charlie Kennedy, alongside Olympians Maddie Crippen and Brendan Hanson, earned her fifteen gold medals at the National Maccabi Games, as well as recruitments to prestigious Yale University, American University, Brandeis, University of Denver, and University of Michigan (where she witnessed Michael Phelps weight train). Her swim career brought her a decade of acclaim, earning her nationally-ranked titles in both the 100 and 200 yard butterfly.

Retiring from swimming professionally, Leeanna placed her focus on teaching, gaining experience at Philadelphia’s Aquatic and Fitness Center, the New York Sports Club, YMCA, JCC, Philadelphia Sports Club, and New York City’s Stuyvesant High School. Most recently, Leeanna had the opportunity to spend time coaching elite students at the renowned Trinity High School, helping coach her team to the division title. Her personalized, effective-coaching methodology has sustained her through her teaching career, where her students’ confidence and lifelong success is her continuing passion.

Leeanna also holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from The University of South Carolina. As wells as a BA in Musical Theater from American University. Her foray into professional acting provided contracts at theatres all over the U.S, including the The Walnut Street Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The Folger Shakespeare Theater, and New York City’s world-famous Lincoln Center.

Leeanna is CPR, Lifeguard, AED Certified, and has successfully completed The Red Cross’ WSI safety course. She is fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and can’t wait to swim with you soon!

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